Become good in building Fortnite

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The beauty of Fortnite is that it’s a multi-faceted game. It takes a mastery of several different skills to get good at playing the game. One of these skills is building, a unique feature Fortnite has over other battle royale games.

The basics of building in Fortnite

The best way to become good at building in Fortnite is to practice.

In order to build, you need to gather resource materials. Once you have enough, you can use the build function to build ramps, towers and other forts. By learning how to build, you can gain an advantage over your opponents especially during the late game stages where cover is more limited.

The key to being good at building is to develop your muscle memory through repeated practice. You can use the game’s practice areas to work on the following drills.

1. 90s in All Directions

A 90 ramp is essentially a 90 degree angled ramp and it’s the most basic one you can build in Fortnite. By chaining these ramps together, you can gain leverage while also moving in a direction. Start by practicing moving forward while building your ramp. Once you’re warmed up, start making yourself switch directions after a few builds.

We recommend you at least do this drill before each game to get yourself warmed up and ready.

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2. Single and Double Ramp Pushes

This is an extension to the previous drill. When you’re building 90s in Fortnite, you’re focused on using the building mechanic. At some point, however, you’ll need to actually bring out your weapon to attack opponents.

  • Start by moving forward while building ramps and at regular intervals, take out your rifle and aim.
  • Challenge yourself to do this as quickly as possible.
  • Once you’re comfortable, go the extra mile by building double ramps.

It’s a more situational technique but it pays off to master this in the long run.

3. Side Jump Building

As you get better at building 90s in all directions and stacking boxes on top of them in Fortnite, you’ll be reaching higher and higher vantage points quicker.

If you want to push your raising speed even further, you’ll want to master the side jump technique. This involves jumping to the side of your ramp or tower and building a floor beneath you in mid-air. Doing this makes it quicker to start setting up a new level on your tower or 90s ramp. From there, you can continue building then side jump again to move in a different direction.

4. Tunneling

Building tunnels in Fortnite is tricky when you want to get faster at it. But like with everything else on this list, all it takes is to develop your muscle memory.

In essence, tunneling involves building a series of boxes around you without closing it up with a wall in front of you. Start by building a single ramp then move forward as you build walls around you. It’s also useful to practice building in different directions. You’ll want to start slow if you’re not used to building these then get progressively faster.

5. Freestyle Technique Stringing

All of these techniques we’ve laid out can be used together to build elaborate and complex structures in Fortnite. These will give you incredible advantages when you’re in the later stages of your matches.

Once you’ve mastered the 90s, ramp pushes and tunneling individually, you should start doing some freestyling. Put on some music and start building your ramps then immediately switch techniques around. Imagine you’re trying to do deal with multiple opponents and see how you would switch up your technique according to the situation.

6. Find Practice Courses in Creative Mode

One of the best features introduced recently in Fortnite is Creative Mode. For budding competitive gamers like yourself, this has been an incredible boon. Thanks to the wider community, there are practice courses that you can use to work on your building skills as well as other techniques.

Some of these courses will give you specific goals to reach which will force you to use some of the building techniques in this article. Download a few and see which ones fit the skills you want to work on.