Top 10 Horror VR Games to Play in 2022

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Virtual Reality (VR) has evolved into its most glorious stage yet, and it has become a much more preferable platform for people to play games on.

VR games

There is a larger library of games than ever before to try out in VR. The concept of VR is becoming more and more popular as platforms such as Steam, PlayStation, and even Xbox are getting in on it. The technology we have now has ensured that VR games are something to look out for in 2022, but they’re also some of the best experiences when it comes to horror.

The horror gaming genre has always aspired to be immersive and player-focused. What else could be more immersive than Virtual Reality? Well… Regardless, we’ve made a handpicked list of 10 of the Best Horror VR games that you can play right now in 2022!

10. Cosmodread

horror game of cosmodread

Cosmodread is essentially the Prey of the VR world, albeit with MUCH creepier hand monsters with one eye. These monsters have taken over your spaceship within the game, and they are looking to hunt everyone down. While you can’t really seem to find anyone else from your crew, you’ve got a weapon or two and a will to survive. You must activate the ship and make your way back to Earth.

While the game’s main aspect is to search for resources and figure out a way to power the ship, it also offers some of the most intense and scary horror experiences you will find.

You have options on how you want to take down the monsters, from your trusty crossbow to traps. However, ammo and resources are scarce so use them wisely. Otherwise, you might run out of them while the monsters crawl all around you.

9. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

horror paranormal activity game

Paranormal Activity is a name that most horror aficionados will be quite familiar with. It’s a franchise that has scarred many people with its found-footage style of filmmaking, and an abundance of cheap, jump-scare-filled, horror movie moments.

The VR experience is definitely not an exception to that franchise rule, and it is one of the jumpiest horror games you’ll find on this list.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is not going to be a slow-burn game that focuses on atmosphere; you’re here for the spectacle and the jump scares which will send you shrieking.

If you’re looking for a horror experience that will entertain you beyond measure as your heart races around every corner you turn; this game should definitely be up on your list.

8. The Exorcist: Legion VR

horrorgame The Exorcist

The Exorcist Legion VR is what I would personally call a literal horrifying experience.

It’s one of the scariest games to ever exist, if not the scariest game ever. The game is absolutely bone-chilling, with some of the most intense horror sequences, some amazing atmospheric lighting and design, and the most terrifying sounds you could ever think of.

The result is a game that is unimaginably scary, and an experience that you will definitely remember long after you’re done with the game.

The game doesn’t do anything experimental with its gameplay. The developers focus all of their efforts on fantastic and dense environmental storytelling. The narrative is oozing from every single level that you go through in this game, and the hidden clues are rewarding to find.

The best part about this game’s design is truly the lighting though, as it transcends you from the regular world into a horrific dimension of fear.


horror game doom vfr

Are you also tired of running around and hiding behind cover so that scary monsters don’t kill your character? Well… lucky for you; DOOM VFR is here to solve that problem. Instead of being afraid of the horrifying monsters, you will become the Doom Slayer. A man so angry and powerful, that he cares about nothing other than attacking everything he sees. The game is set on Mars after paranormal research leads to a disaster in which demons from hell have crash-landed and taken over the planet and your research facility. You play as the Doom Slayer, a man who has nothing left to lose and a LOT of guns.

DOOM VFR isn’t a pure horror game, though it is set in a futuristic rendition of Mars, with scary monsters all around the player character and a ton of gore and blood. It’s more of an arcade shooter with horror elements attached to it. The game puts a lot of effort into providing you with a fantastic horror shooter game that will have you equal parts mortified and satisfied.  

6. Propagation VR

game propagation vr

A mysterious virus brought on the apocalypse. Trapped in an abandoned subway station filled with monsters from your worst nightmares, you can only count on your cold blood and your skills to survive. Propagation VR is the highest step in the evolution of VR wave shooter games where you stand in one place and take out enemies coming toward you. This is a game so brutal, and so dark, combined with some of the best shooting mechanics that you’ll have no choice but to love it once you get into the groove of it.

The game doesn’t offer you a ton of variety in how you wish to play it, instead, it throws you into the wolves den and pushes you to master the gunplay, understand the weak points in each of the enemies and figure out the best way to survive in this intense shooter.


HINGE Review – PC VR | Game Chronicles

HINGE is a unique little Psychological Horror experience in the VR world. You suddenly find yourself in an abandoned skyscraper, deprived of all your senses and memories. The laws of physics are broken and time is collapsed. The only way to get out is to step into the frightening unknown and put all the pieces together. The skyscraper is seemingly built by an eccentric millionaire who, according to rumor, is involved in the occult and is said to be at the center of a mysterious cult.

Now, it’s your job to traverse the atmospheric location that you’ve found yourself in.

Find hidden clues around every corner, connect the pieces of the puzzle and figure out the reality of what you’re experiencing. Hinge VR is a truly atmospheric adventure that emphasizes exploration above all else, and it does so by creating a location so drastically mystical and anxiety-inducing, that your morbid curiosity gets the better of you!

4. Half-Life: Alyx

game half life

Half-Life games have always been game-changers, video games that revolutionize the industry with each release. People didn’t know what to expect when Valve announced that Half-Life Alyx would be a purely VR title, yet it managed to defy any and all odds; creating one of the best VR games of all time. The only reason why it’s not at the VERY top of this list is due to the fact that it’s not strictly a horror game. Yet it features some of the most terrifying and atmospheric sequences and levels in the genre.

This game excels not just in the horror aspects, but also in the aspects of Half-Life which we love.

The bizarre monstrosities, the scary tunnels and brutalist architecture, the mix of science-fiction and real-world along with an atmospheric design that you simply can’t find anywhere else. The physics systems implemented here are some of the best, featuring some amazing ragdoll mechanics and object physics, making it a significant leap in the VR world. If there is a game that I would recommend you to play before any other in Virtual Reality, it’s definitely going to be Half-Life: Alyx.

3. Phasmophobia

horror game phasmophobia

If you haven’t heard of Phasmophobia and the sudden storm of relevancy it found itself at the center of, you must be living under a rock. Phasmophobia is a game that came out as an early access title back in 2020 and it took over the whole world in 2021.

Phasmophobia lets you enable the VR function if you’re brave enough to jump right into this procedurally generated world of FEAR.

Procedurally generated locations, randomized ghosts, and randomized scares make everyone’s experiences of the game feel unique to them. There’s also the added option of co-op with up to 4 players, which will further enhance that experience by letting you jump into the game with your buddies. This only increases the fear factor in Phasmophobia though, as there’s nothing scarier than hearing your friends scream for your help with the in-game proximity chat.

2. Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

game five nights at freddy's

In Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted, you play as a restaurant caretaker in a place similar to the Chuck E. Cheese fast-food chain.

Though things turn sour when midnight strikes, as the animatronics come to life, and more than anything; they just want to hunt you down! There’s a lot to do in this game, from walking around and experiencing the atmosphere, to playing the mini-games which help you progress to the next section of the game. This is a spine-chilling game that will scare even the toughest of horror enthusiasts.

FNAF VR is one of the most terrifying experiences in the horror VR genre. It’s a game that TRULY tests your heart, as Freddy Fazbear and the gang are watching you at every step of the way. There’s truly something nerve-wracking about knowing that the jump scare is coming, which scares you even more whenever you turn a corner, hearing a sudden noise behind you. It’s a feeling that just doesn’t let off.

1. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

game the walking dead saints sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is by far my favorite horror VR game due to the one thing it succeeds in the most; immersion. Virtual Reality was a platform created to offer the best source of immersion for players, and The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners take full advantage of that.

It puts you right in the footsteps of a survivor within the walking dead universe, as you chop, stab, shoot and mutilate your way through the zombie apocalypse.

New Orleans is at war. The living is not just fighting the dead, but also inflicting pain and brutality upon each other. As bodies pile up between warring factions, whispers spread of a long-lost mystery in the city that could turn the tide of the war within this world.

The game gives you a ton of variety in how you choose to fight your opponents too, from melee weapons to long-ranged and short-ranged guns, you have a ton of ways to hit the zombies right in their brains. If you’re someone who prefers a much quieter approach though, then you can also stealthily move your way across and take them out quietly, or just move past them. Crafting, exploration, freedom of choice and visceral combat make this a deep, 15+ hour game built for VR.

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