Chorus – Gorgeous New Science Fiction

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When it comes to space flight and dogfight games, Star Wars Squadrons really broke the barrier for what we should be expecting. However, there’s a new contender on the board. Here are my thoughts on Chorus.

Story and setting Chorus

Developer Deep Silver and Fishlabs’ gorgeous new science fiction, flight and dogfighting game has an incredibly unique story attached to it.

The story features a huge amount of galactic lore regarding not just religious fanaticism, but also imperialistic ideologies, war and brutality. We’re thrown into the shoes of Nara, who is a defector from the imperial forces and is now working against them to defeat the evil forces and create a safe space for herself and other free thinkers within the galaxy. 

The setting is split between multiple different galaxies, as you travel across larger sections and cut through huge mobs of other aircraft, large space ships and enemy shuttles. It’s a uniquely designed world, full of bright colors, a ton of visual effects and a whole lot of explosions.

The one thing that I didn’t enjoy to a huge extent was the lore being so large. It feels as if the lore was rushed at the player every single step of the way, as you progress deeper into the game’s story. Aside from that, Nara is one of the most engaging characters in a while!

Gameplay, graphics and atmosphere

The game features one of the most engaging gameplay loops that you just can’t help but stop playing.

It cuts out a lot of the fodder content that revolves around the boring space shooter formula, where you’re constantly circling around an enemy spacecraft. Chorus gets rid of that by adding a teleportation feature, which essentially lets you teleport behind an enemy at the press of a button rather than fly circles around them.

That’s not the only thing that Chorus gives you when it comes to its multilayered level structure. The game has large levels, which you can traverse through in a very short time. 

There are also abilities featured within this game, which turn Nara and her spacecraft into an absolute beast.

You can quite literally mow through hordes of enemies using your power-ups that are known as Rights in the game. They let you dismantle entire fleets of enemy ships as well as give you lots of options in traversal, such as the teleportation, the barrel rolls and dodges! The Rights make this game so much more fun than a casual dog fight game, or even a science fiction one such as Star Wars Squadrons.

They make sure that the gameplay is everchanging between the abilities you find, and the levels you are moving across. 

The features in this game are fantastic, and they work very well in tandem with Chorus’ overall story. The gameplay is tight and fluid above everything else, and the controls feel snappy and responsive.

The one thing that I enjoy about this game the most is the amount of freedom you get when playing it. You can tackle missions in any way that you like, they will always turn into full-out dog fights eventually but you can choose which targets to prioritize first! There’s also an influx of enemy types here, so the gameplay constantly remains refreshing despite it remaining relatively the same throughout all of the different levels.

Speaking of the levels, they are fantastically made here. There are some levels that look absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful. The world is absolutely sprawling with NPCs, and the maps themselves are so gorgeously designed that you as a player can see the absolute massive landscapes in all of their glory. From cities caught in the crossfire of battle to galaxies yet unexplored being ravaged by destruction, to inside of larger ships that have sprawling colonies within them; the scenic variety is immaculate. 

Verdict Chorus

In conclusion, Chorus is by far one of the most unique spaceships and dogfighting games that I’ve ever played.

It cuts away all the clutter of the boring dogfighting mechanics and exchanges it with unique and engaging abilities as well as mechanics that you can actually use. This makes the gameplay way more snappy, and the controls feel tight and flexible. In all honesty, the story was somewhat of a confusing scenario. As it was quite a lore heavy, yet the actual storyline that we get to see was quite great.

RATING: 7/10

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