Elden Ring Gameplay – Everything we know about this game

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FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki have given players their first hands-on time with Elden Ring back in November of 2021, and there’s so much more information than we’ve gotten through that.

Let’s talk about everything we know so far!


elden ring game map

The map in Elden Ring will be absolutely huge, it’s going to be separated into different parts such as regions and you’ll be able to head in any direction that you want. There is no specific sequence for you to follow in order to win!

There’s an actual in-game map this time around too, and you can place up to 100 different markers all over the map. These markers will be a player’s way of marking locations such as odd quests, dungeons and explorable places all around the game’s world.

There’s a lot to explore here too, from lavish locations such as the magnanimous Storm Veil Castle to the dungeons scattered all around the map, and places like the Goblin Crypts. These will all feature different rewards for exploration, and will also feature optional bosses that you would miss out on if you didn’t explore!

To help you traverse the map, you have your trusty steed Torrent who you can summon out of thin air, there are also geysers all around the map which you can jump on top of to get around large spaces much faster!


The combat for Elden Ring is basically Dark Souls but so much faster, and so much more fluid.

There’s a much larger emphasis on Weapon Arts this time, as you can use any weapon art on any weapon of your choice. This gives you a larger variety of unconventional attacks that you can master!

There’s also a jump feature in a Souls-like game, YEP! It’s not just a gimmick either, as the jump attacks can be used to stagger enemies, as well as dodge sweeping attacks! Not to mention, the massive influence of spells in Elden Ring will be super important for the game. Spells are much more important now, and your FP is what is used to cast them. Weapon Arts also require the FP to be full, and you can use special flasks to regain it back.

Oh, earlier I mentioned our mount Torrent, you can fight people while mounted on Torrent. The funny part is when you fight an enemy who is also mounted, they automatically start jousting with you and that just feels awesome! 


game of elden ring

Crafting is now important in Elden Ring, FromSoftware decided that making sure both spellcasting and crafting had a bigger role is something that is heavily implemented.

Crafting is done for arrows, other forms of projectiles as well as potions, and more to keep your inventory full. Whereas with spellcasting, it’s heavily important for you to be adept at casting the spells in-game because those will be the tipping point in winning in Elden Ring. You can summon spirits to fight alongside you, such as wolves and trolls and monsters, whereas you can also use spells for long-range attacks and masterful parries.

Weapon Arts are also a form of spell casting because you will be using FP every time that you do use these mystical attacks. 


It seems that FromSoftware is keeping things very tight-knit when it comes to showing us just what exactly the lore of Elden Ring is. The only thing we know is that the lands used to be a beautiful world, full of loving creatures and beautiful people. However, after the Elden Ring was shattered, the lands between were left in chaos and slaughter.

The Demi-Gods took over the world after finding shattered pieces of the ring and gaining special powers through them. They proceeded to do whatever they deemed fit for the world and held immense power as their appearances were altered into monstrosities. 

This is the main lore behind the world of Elden Ring, yet there is more to the story when it comes to the actual lore behind the Demi-Gods. We haven’t seen any Demi-Gods hands-on, but we did see it in the gameplay that they showcased a month or two ago; where we saw the player fighting one of the Demi-Gods, who had a dragon’s severed head for an arm.

We’ll probably get a lot more information through the classic in-game item descriptions, and VaatiVidya videos!

So, that’s all that we know about Elden Ring so far! It’s a game that has millions of people intrigued, and we’re pretty sure that it’s going to be FromSoftware’s most successful game to date.

The amount of hype that this game is carrying after the release of Sekiro as a return to form for the Japanese developers is massive, so I’ll be playing it day one for sure!

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