Top 10 annoucements at the game awards!

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The game awards have just concluded, and despite the focus mainly being on presenting the best games and games people of the year with some trophies; there were more announcements than we could count!

So, since the game awards 2021 have bestowed us with so many new announcements, we thought it best to rank them!


sonic frontiers game

Let’s start off with the most baffling of news, Sonic is getting his very own Breath of the Wild type open world game! This comes as no shock to anybody, as that is the mainstream genre that people enjoy playing.

It looks to be promising, but only time will tell if they can truly make this drastic leap work!


cuphead game

The team behind Cuphead is back again for another horrifyingly difficult game!

Cuphead 2 is a whole new beast, with brand new levels, bosses, and even DLC expansions to boot! This one is going to be either really fun; or absolutely nerve-wracking! 


telltales the walking dead game

Telltale’s The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us were games that created masterful legacies, that Telltale as a company did try to live up to.

They filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, they’re finally back with a brand-new game! Telltale’s The Expanse is based on the science-fiction epic and hopes to be one of their absolute best stories yet!


slitterhead horror game

The creator of Silent Hill has returned to once again torment our dreams and make us regret wanting to play horror games!

Toyama’s legendary return is just as bizarre, just as weird, and just as gruesome as you would have expected it to be!


star wars eclipse game

Quantic Dream is known for creating some of the most memorable stories within gaming ever!

Games like Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human, and Beyond Two Souls have led up to Star Wars Eclipse. This will be a game that will either make or break the world for them, a game that has the potential to be the best Star Wars story to date!


Wonder Woman is being created by the team behind Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor/War, and it looks to be attaching the Nemesis System!

This means that the NPC population in the game will be much more impressive, and the story of Diana fighting to unite the Amazonians and the modern world against a common enemy will be absolutely heartwarming!


Senua’s iconic voice and the voices within her head have come back for another story.

We don’t know if this story will be connected to the original game, we don’t know if this is the same Senua we saw in that game either. We just know that this will be a game that is going to ring a fresh, new perspective within the world of gaming that we’ve been dying to get for ages.


Here we are, after almost 300 years of waiting, we finally get confirmation that Alan Wake 2 is indeed happening. Thank you Remedy for making this announcement, Alan Wake is by far one of the best games ever made.

This is literally why we are so very excited to see more of what the developers will be bringing to the table. We expect a fresh narrative, a fresh new coat of graphics, and hugely reworked gameplay that should hopefully take more inspiration from Quantum Break as a game!


The movement in Forspoken looks like it’s absolutely on a whole different level. It’s as if they took the Unreal Engine 5 showcase, and turned it into an actual game that I would want to play!

The game seems to be having an amazing character at the forefront of it, with a great young adult storyline and some absolutely amazing gameplay that revolves a lot around fast-paced traversal and projectile-based combat! 


Now to talk about the big one, the game that we’ve personally been unable to stop talking about; Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The first hint we got about this game was at last year’s E3, and we just knew that Rocksteady was behind the game here. However, now that more actual gameplay footage has been shown to us; we know that this game might be in good hands.

It just seems like such a fun ride and the kind of game that you would expect the new Guardians of the Galaxy to be. It’s a full-throttle, action-packed, 4 person co-op multiplayer game that you just need to have the whole squad dive into!

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