Top 10 Best multiplayer shooter games to play 2022

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Multiplayer shooter games have become the main go-to games for most people. There is just so much variety here, from arena shooters to battle royales and 5v5 tactical team games as well as co-op games! There’s an abundance of Multiplayer shooting games that you should definitely check out!

For the sake of keeping this list a bit fresh, we’re not going to include PUBG, CSGO, Apex Legends, Call of Duty or Fortnite, but everything else is on the table!

10. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt is one of the most polished, and unique Battle Royale games that you can find on the market.

This game brings in a whole new set of things for players to do, for example, it lets you use vampire abilities that you may remember for Paradox Interactive’s Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines games! This makes for an interesting contrast between superhuman abilities and gunplay. The game also features some of the best movement in this kind of game, which makes it a must-play in 2022!

9. Overwatch

Overwatch is the one game that popularized the hero shooter genre, way before any other game did.

It was an evolution of the Team Fortress 2 formula but expanded upon with so much variation in gameplay that it can be overwhelming for players. However, Overwatch is by far one of the most fun to play multiplayer shooter games in 2022.

The game is now receiving an Overwatch 2 update, which will be simultaneously playable with Overwatch in a shared eco-system. There is no better time to get into Overwatch, that’s for sure!

8. Enlisted

Enlisted is one of the most unique takes on the World War-themed shooter game formula.

It is a game in which you don’t just control your singular character, but a whole battalion of characters that you can switch between. This removes the tedious respawn timer that is very annoying in most FPS games and provides players with different kinds of things to do within a singular match.

You could run around as a rifleman, or switch to a sniper in a bell tower. If you come across a tank being very annoying, you can switch to your Demolitionist and blast it with RPGs.

It’s an endless series of chaotic matches, with endless opportunities to have fun!

7. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is a Borderlands Spin-Off title that will throw you into Tiny Tina’s imagination as she’s going through a Dungeons and Dragons campaign… with guns!

This is a 4-player co-op campaign adventure, which emphasizes a huge focus on looting and shooting. You can pick one out of 4 different kinds of characters with different abilities and powers, as well as select your load-outs to your preference. The game also has one of the funkiest art styles, and features an ensemble cast of comedic legends!


In simple terms, GTFO is terrifying.

This is a game that scares the ever-living life out of players without using any cheap jump scares. This is a 4-Player co-op game where you constantly go through hordes and hordes of infected zombies, trying to survive and live through to the end of the missions. It is a dark game, with minimal lighting and a huge amount of intensity within each enemy encounter.

Having a group of friends that will be your ride or die is essential to success in GTFO!

5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is by far the most unique game that Ubisoft has ever made.

This 5 versus 5 tactical first-person shooter relies on brains as much as it relies on mechanical skill. The game features a huge cast of attackers and defenders and a plethora of different maps. You can choose to play different roles within the team, such as support, intel, and entry fragging. The game also has some of the best gun-play that you will not find anywhere else!

4. Paladins

Paladins is unique, in a sense Paladins is a much more evolved version of Overwatch, a game where the main focus of your gameplay should be the character that you are playing.

Paladins has a wide variety of playable characters as well, and the roster keeps expanding with each new update! The game has a wonderful mix of abilities and gunplay, the variation from one character to the other is absolutely mind-blowing. Each character has their own personality, their own movement, and their own playstyle that you must get accustomed to in a balanced team of defense and offense!

3. Splitgate


Splitgate mixes a ton of things to create one of the most unique shooter games of 2021.

This is a game quite clearly seeking heavy inspiration from Halo, Quake, and Team Fortress, however, its main mechanic is the ability to open up portals. You can use these portals to traverse the map much quicker and quieter, however, you can also use these portals to see through them and shoot at your enemies from a safe space vantage point.

The game provides lots of room for experimentation!

2. Halo Infinite

halo infinite game

Halo Infinite is a return to form for a franchise that had lost its footing.

The game is so much more condensed, and packed together than the previous installments in the franchise, providing for that same Halo gameplay that all players were craving for generations. Halo infinite takes a lot of inspiration from Halo 3 and provides one of the most exquisite multiplayer experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

From big team battles to 1 V 1 matches, Halo infinite has got it all!

1. Valorant

valorant computer game

When you realize a game is made by Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, you know that the game will have something unique to it!

However, Valorant isn’t a brand-new formula, it isn’t even entirely unique. It is an amalgamation of gameplay mechanics and features that are prominent in the industry combined into a package of absolute fun! As a result, Valorant is the one Hero Shooter game in 2022, which is a constantly engaging first-person, tactical five versus fiver shooter game.

It has an ever-growing community, and eco-system, along with a massive E-Sports scene that is handled to perfection by Riot Games!

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