Is Fortnite violent?

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For years now, Fortnite has been a gaming sensation for the gaming audience. You might wonder, looking at the shooting and stuff, is Fortnite a violent game?

Is Fortnite an aggressive game?

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The game has many guns in its play | Is Fortnite a violent game?

Well, the major audience of the game is between 10 years to 16 years, so it is safe to assume that this game is not violent.

As a player, you will have to take action/be aggressive when you want to compete. So aggression here, I think, is considered a motivating stimulus when it comes to playing the game. I’ve always considered Fortnite as a nonviolent game. 

There’s no blood or gore and bodies of defeated enemies simply disappear. But still keep in mind that the player’s goal is to use weapons like shotguns, automatic rifles and the like to try to kill pretty much every other character they see.

But on the other hand, Fortnite inspires teamwork when playing squads or duos. The plot of playing duos or squads is the same as the solo mode, to stay alive and kill everyone till the end. The only difference is that in duos there are two players in a team who are fighting for their survival till the game ends and in squads instead of having a team of two players, the team is comprised of four players who are fighting to stay till the end and thriving to win the game.

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What age is appropriate for Fortnite?

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Fortnite was launched as a competitor for Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds which is also known as PUBG. PUBG was launched with a PG rating of 18+ and when Fortnite was announced, it was expected that the game would also have a PG rating of 18+, as it was launched as a competitor of PUBG.

But Fortnite was launched with a PG rating of 12. PUBG was designed according to the realism of the battlefield whereas Fortnite was designed with anime and cartoon-like graphics. Fortnite is noticeably less graphic and gritty than games like Call of Duty. But the action is still squarely focused on gun-based combat. Its presentation slants much more towards cartoon (with an outfit of your choice) than photorealism. Players are given a third-person perspective of the action which makes the experience a bit less intense than a first-person shooter.

Does Fortnite affect behavior?

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Every day millions of kids, teenagers and adults play Fortnite. Multiple studies suggested that playing a video game like Fortnite does not increase aggression in kids. There’s a slight chance that playing too long and too often will affect a child’s mood but that’s likely less a function of the specific activity or content within the game and more a sign that your kid might have a tendency to fixate on games.

All of this suggests that Fortnite is not a violent game and the game does not increase violence or aggression in kids, teenagers, or adults.