What do gamers wear?

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Gamers like Fortnite fans are people just like everyone else. As such, they also do what other people do, which includes wearing clothes. Surprising, right?

Oftentimes, some may wonder how do you pick out a gamer from a crowd. You can tell someone’s a lawyer or businessman from the snazzy suit that they’re wearing. Artists may not be touting beret’s necessarily but they’ll still wear something with a bit more flair. Can gamers also be spotted based on what they wear?

The answer may surprise you.

There’s no gaming uniform

Playing video games, such as Fortnite, is typically a sitting down type of affair. This means that you won’t need any special equipment aside from your controllers and gaming device. Therefore, there’s no such thing as a “gaming uniform” or something designated as gamer wear. A lawyer who’s also a gamer may well dive into their favorite title while still in their snazzy suit. They may even change to some loungewear or pyjamas to get more comfortable.

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The bottom line here that clothes don’t give gamers any distinct advantages. That doesn’t mean, though, that gamers don’t have some distinct clothing styles.

Gamer t-shirts

One unique article of clothing most gamers enjoy wearing is a good ol’ fashioned print t-shirt.

Just like a music fan will wear the merch of their favorite artist or band, so do gamers wear shirts emblazoned with their favorite game characters and logos.

Some t-shirts even come with gaming memes and quotes that make them even more unique. Gamers may also wear hoodies and jackets with their favorite gaming logos.


This word is an amalgamation of costume and play. It involves a person wearing an outfit that makes them look similar to a character from a game, movie, TV show or anime.

While cosplayers don’t typically walk around in public every day dressed as a Fortnite character, they will do so during special occasions, such as conventions. Should you happen to spot someone in full cosplay, you can bet they’re likely a gamer.

Character Onesies

The ultimate in houseware comfort is the timeless onesie.

These cozy winter clothes are perfect for curling up in front of your favorite game for hours of fun. Many gamers may choose to buy onesies that are shaped like their favorite game characters. One of the most popular ones is the Pikachu onesie. While, again, gamers won’t be walking out of their house in onesies, you can bet a lot have at least one or two gaming onesies in their closets.

The most important thing to remember here is that gaming is a hobby that anyone can take up. That’s what makes gaming special. You don’t need to wear something specific to be a gamer. As long as you’re comfortable and enjoying your time with your video games, you’re just as much as a gamer as a gaming t-shirt collector.