3 Best controllers for playing Fortnite

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The best gear for any game is the easiest way to gain the upper hand, no matter which console you’re playing with.

That’s because the right gear goes a long way in helping you stay competitive. Combine that with the best controller settings and you’ve found the perfect match. Here are the top 3 best consoles for playing Fortnite.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate »
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller »
Dual shock 4 Wireless Controller »

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Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Looking sharp the Razer Wolverine Ultimate

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is truly the perfect weapon for playing Fortnite on the Xbox One.

Featuring 6 programmable buttons that you can remap on the fly, it’s the next best thing to a mouse and keyboard. This meticulously designed controller sports a sexy look with Chroma Lighting, ergonomic grips, and an interchangeable d-pad. Not only has that but the bottom of the controller been loaded with a quick control panel for easy access to your primary functions.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

picture of the nintendo switch together with a console
Play Fortnite with the Nintendo switch

It’s dubbed the pro controller for a reason because it gets the job done. Developed by Nintendo, the Switch Pro Controller provides a familiar experience on the Switch that rivals that of the other console juggernauts on the market.

  • With motion controls, HD rumble, and enhanced sensitivity, you can gear up for unbeatable gameplay that leaves you wanting more.
  • Wireless technology offers increased flexibility while the simple USB charging cable makes gearing up for action a cinch.
  • Plus, the ergonomic design offers comfortable to play for extended periods of time.

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Dual shock 4 Wireless Controller

dual shock controller in white
A great console and used by many Fortnite players

While there are a few different third-party PS4 controllers on the market, none of them match the quality of the Dual Shock 4 by Sony. These updated controllers offer unrivaled sensitivity and control.

  • Featuring wireless technology and a new multi-touch touchpad, you can expect flexible and precision gameplay.
  • Shooting, building, and moving about the map is a cinch with enhanced sensitivity and an ergonomic fit that blows the competitors away.

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Plus, that’s not to mention the built-in speaker and a headphone jack that offer enhanced enemy detection and truly immersive experience.

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