What is a good gaming chair for playing Fortnite?

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You see them everywhere, from your favorite gaming creators like PewDiePie to your local games store. Gaming chairs are the latest craze among digital warriors.

But don’t worry! We’ve got all the details here to help you decide if a gaming chair should be in your future.

What types of gaming chairs exist?

photo of a gaming chair in front of game pc

Gaming chairs come in a few different flavors.

The race car seat style

Gaming chair in race style | See details at Amazon.com

These cool looking chairs are quite popular which means prices can vary from reasonably cheap to pretty expensive. They usually come with two cushions, one for your neck and head and the other for your back.

The more expensive ones have a few other features.

Many chairs can recline all the way to a lying position so you can get a few winks in between your matches. You have to keep in mind, though, that even with all these features, these racing-style chairs aren’t considered much better for your back than normal desk chairs.

If you’re really craving to pick one up, it’s better to save up for the big brands like GTRacing and Vertagear.

From GTRacing, strong metal frame designed to help promote a comfortable seated position, keeping you comfy after long hours of game or work | See details at Amazon.com

The floor rocker style

ALL PURPOSE GAMING CHAIR: Leather lounging game chair can be used for playing video games, watching movies and TV, listening to music, reading, and relaxing | See details at Amazon.com

These chairs are more about fun rather than back support so they aren’t suitable for long hours of Fortnite.

They’re also better suited for consoles that are played on your living room TV as they don’t reach high enough to be desk chairs.

The cheaper ones don’t have any added features. Paying a bit more can get you simple extras such as cup holders while the pricier models include audio and force feedback features to up your game immersion.

Getting a rocker isn’t exactly the choice of champions but they’re quite fun if you only play a couple of hours a day.

What advantages do gaming chairs offer?

men sitting on ground besides a normal chair illustrating advantages of a gaming chair

Let’s get real about something here; chairs need to do one thing and one thing only.

  • They need to give you a place to sit and to do that without giving you an early bad back.
  • The average office desk chair doesn’t offer that, which is ironic considering how many hours people spend on them at their jobs.
  • Gaming chairs, especially the big brand ones, definitely offer better back and neck support.
  • Particularly, if you go for the race car style you’ll get a chair that reaches up to your head which allows you to rest when needed. But that still isn’t enough to give you a healthy amount of support for long sessions.

The plain truth is that getting a gaming chair is all about the cool factor. If you play a lot of hours and don’t want the lower back of an 80-year-old while you’re young, you need to get an ergonomic chair.

Gaming chairs vs. ergonomic chairs

Searching for ergonomic chairs will reveal to you a shocking difference in price.

What better chair to claim victory in than the Fortnite edition Skull Trooper gaming chair? A racecar style gaming chair that provides luxury and comfort | See details at Amazon.com 

Chairs that have been ergonomically designed to support the human body as healthily as possible can cost as much as a high-end iPhone. And these are the non-custom chairs we’re talking about here.

Ergonomic chairs have one important advantage over fancy race car gaming chairs; they can be adjusted to your size. Gaming chairs simply give you cushions and call it a day.

Why Gaming Chairs Are Good For The Back, Neck, And Posture?

Check out this interesting article on chairsfx.com. Did you know that (coming from a bad chair) a good chair may feel uncomfortable the first days?

Source: chairsfx.com

Your spine, muscles, and fascia system will need time to adapt. Read the full article

Do you really need a gaming chair?

photo of a rocker gaming chair

They look cool, they ooze with style and they promise comfort that will keep you gaming until the crack of dawn. At the same time, there are a few types to choose from as well as misinformation.

Not to mention the peer pressure of not being a “real gamer” if you don’t have one.

  • The truth is that sitting on any chair for long hours regardless of type and price is bad for your back.
  • Our body was never designed for that.
  • You can pay a Ferrari’s worth of money to get the best chair in the world and you’d still need to stand up every hour to give it a rest.

Buying a gaming chair or ergonomic chair won’t suddenly make you into the next Ninja. It won’t even help you play games for longer.

So, buy a gaming chair if you like. You simply need to be responsible for taking care of your back by taking breaks often. And when something hurts, stop and speak to a doctor if it’s bad.

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