Keyboard vs Controller – Which is better for Fortnite?

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Discussions about controlling devices for gaming have been a tale as old as time. Everyone has an opinion about which is the “right” way to play certain games. Fortnite is no different. So, which is the best for Fortnite? What are my options? Should I be switching the way I play the game? We’ll explore all the answers to these questions in this post.

Advantages of playing Fortnite on keyboard

boy gaming behind keyboard and mouse

As mentioned above, shooting game players of all stripes will tell you that the keyboard and mouse combo can’t be beaten. They’re not completely wrong.

  • Aiming with a mouse feels natural to anyone who’s ever used a computer.
  • Moving and strafing your character with the trusty WASD keys is also more precise and flexible.
  • On top of all this, playing Fortnite on a PC on keyboard and mouse doesn’t provide any aim assist which puts you in full control of landing your shots.

With all of these advantages, is there any hope for controller warriors?

Advantages of playing Fortnite on controller

man playing fortnite on switch

Controllers and gamepads have been a staple of consoles since the dawn of home gaming. Thanks to analog sticks they’ve become a good choice for playing shooting games as well, including Fortnite.

If you’re playing the game on a console, like the Switch and the PS4, this will be your only option by default (more on this later). You can also use most controllers on PC and there are some advantages to doing so.

For one, the game automatically provides some aim assist to players rocking controllers. This means the game will identify you’re using a controller and provide a bit of help with your aim. Don’t expect you’ll suddenly become an aiming god, however. The compensation is just enough so that it makes up for the speed keyboard-and-mouse players have.

The other advantage controllers have is that they’re more straightforward in their setup. Whether you have small hands or not, a controller’s buttons are all easy to reach. Plus, the shoulder triggers feel like you’re firing a real gun and you can also have some rumble to add to your immersion.

Should I switch to one or the other?

This depends on what you’re used to playing games on. If you play most of your games on a console, even shooters like Call of Duty, then a controller will feel more natural. The game’s aim assist will help with the advantage keyboard players have.

On the other hand, if you play shooters on keyboard and mouse then switching doesn’t make sense for Fortnite. Stick to your trusty weapons of choice.

This is naturally a choice that PC players have the luxury of having but what about console players?

Can I use a keyboard on console?

playing fortnite with a playstation console

Not by default. All current-gen consoles, Switch, Xbox One and PS4, only support controllers and controller-like devices by default.

There are, though, adapters that can make a keyboard and mouse appear like a controller on your console. What they do is translate your mouse movements to the console and make it appear like it’s a right analog stick. The problem is that this isn’t exactly like playing on a PC. Also, these devices are unofficial so they’re bound to be problems using them.

The bottom line

The choice of what controller you use boils down to you and what you want to get out of the game.

If you’re serious about getting good at Fortnite and you play on PC, then the keyboard and mouse combo has the advantage. At the same time, nothing beats playing on a device you’re comfortable using. Learning how to play on a different device is always going to take some time so choose wisely and remember to have fun.

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