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Fortnite cross-platform play | Play against all others!

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Cross-platform play means players can party up with their friends on any device. So what so great about it and how to start cross-play? Read more

What is cross-platform?

Cross-platform Fortnite is a feature that allows players to play the same game across multiple platforms and devices.

This means that you can play the same game on console, PC, and mobile devices with the same account, and have the same gaming experience regardless of the device.

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Cross-platform Fortnite allows players on different platforms to join the same game, so that they can all play together. This encourages cooperative and competitive play, as players can easily team up with friends and rivals regardless of the device they’re using.

It also allows players to use their existing accounts, so they don’t have to start from scratch each time they switch platforms.

Start cross-play

Cross-platform Fortnite also enables cross-play, which means that players on one platform can play against players on another platform. This allows players to experience a wider variety of gaming opportunities, as they can compete against players on other platforms and devices.

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To enable cross-platform Fortnite, you need to link your Fortnite account with your console account. This allows the game to recognize your account regardless of the device you’re playing on. Once you have done this, you can use the same account across all platforms and devices, allowing you to switch between them without any issues.

So, cross-platform Fortnite allows players to experience the same game across multiple platforms and devices. It encourages cooperative and competitive play.

You have to keep in mind that playing on crossplay as a console and mobile player with a buddy who’s on PC or Mac means you’ll be facing off against keyboard-and-mouse warriors. PC and Mac players will have a bit of an advantage over you.

  • play against people on different devices
  • create a party with others who are on different devices than your own

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