Best consoles for playing Fortnite

We don’t need to tell you that Fortnite is one of the biggest games on the planet. As such, it’s pretty much available on every device out there. Few games are able to stake such a claim these days.

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Now, you may be an avid gamer who’s got all the consoles, or you may just own one. Either way, you can play Fortnite on any of the current generation consoles on the market.

The question is what is the advantage of choosing one console over another.

Let’s break it down.

PlayStation 4 and 5

man holding a blue controller belonging to playstation

Sony crushed the competition with its PlayStation 4 line (already followed by PlayStation 5 | what to expect?).

Having sold a staggering 112 million units across its life span, it’s the 4th hottest console in gaming history.

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This also means as a platform it has a lot of Fortnite players online at literally all hours of the day. Whether you have a standard PS4 or a PS4 Pro, you can play the game regardless. The main advantage is that if you wanted to exclusively play with other PS4 owners for whatever reason, you’d still be able to find matches without issue as there are so many Fortnite players on the platform.

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The other advantage is that for Fortnite, you don’t have to pay for PS Plus to play online.

If this is your first console the PlayStation 4 also has some great exclusives that make it a better choice over the Xbox. There’s also the DS4 controller which we talked about how great it is for Fortnite in this article.

The PS5 was launched in November 2020 and had been flying off the shelves. Check out the article PS4 vs PS5 »

Xbox One

man sitting and holding two xbox one controllers

The Xbox One line may have lagged behind its Sony counterparts but it’s still a pretty solid choice for getting some Fortnite in. If crossplay isn’t your thing, you’d still find a sizeable amount of Xbox Fortniters to play with.

The standard controller and the Xbox Elite are also both amazing to play Fortnite on.

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The disadvantage Fortnite has on the Xbox platform is that you’re required to have an Xbox Live subscription. It’s not particularly expensive if you’re looking to play a lot. Plus, you can get it with Game Pass attached and have a whole library to play other games with just a monthly sub.

Also, even on Xbox One S, the most underpowered version, you can play Fortnite in 4K.

Nintendo Switch

playing fortnite on nintendo switch

Nintendo’s hybrid console may not be the most powerful of the bunch but it still runs Fortnite smooths as butter. That goes for both handheld and TV mode.

The main advantage of playing on the Switch is that you have the option of either going handheld or docking it to your screen. Does Dad want to watch the game? Fortnite can still be had.

The main issue is that without crossplay, the player base on the Switch is significantly smaller.

Also, if you wanted to play with an ethernet cable to reduce lag, you’d need to buy a USB ethernet dongle.

Handheld pretty much limits you to Wifi exclusively, on top of that.

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What About Next-Gen Consoles?

The next generation of consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S, is around the corner, though, so you might be wondering if Fortnite will be available on them as well. The answer is, yes.

Epic has already talked about the game being available on the snazzy new gaming boxes coming out soon. In fact, if you already play Fortnite on the PS4 and Xbox One, you can get an upgraded version on your new ones. This includes all of your account’s progress.

Sometime next year, Epic is also planning on giving the game a significant upgrade in graphics for next-gen consoles, again for free, so stay tuned for that.

So you made your choice of console? Here’s a guick guide on how the game Fortnite actually is meant to play.