Is Fortnite hard to get into?

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Fortnite is a competitive multiplayer game at its core which means everyone playing is looking to become good. Because you’re constantly facing off against a large pool of players of varying skill levels, the inevitable question surfaces; is Fortnite hard to get into?

Can I play Fortnite as a newcomer?

The answer isn’t as straightforward.

  • You could argue that it’s one of the easier games to pick up and play within the battle royale genre.
  • On the other hand, there are lots of players who have been spending countless hours over the years playing Fortnite and are now more than capable of stomping all over newcomers.

Suffice to say, your perspective will vary.

What we can say for sure, is that Fortnite offers a few great ways to help ease you into playing and having fun.

Exploring the Map

Fortnite’s map is pretty diverse. Not only is there a lot of space to roam about, but also there are many areas to choose as your landing spot. Focusing on exploring and understanding it, therefore, is a good starting point for a newcomer. What this does is give you one of the most important aspects of the game: knowledge.

Knowing where chests filled with loot may appear can make the game a lot more enjoyable and give you an advantage. Having an understanding of different approach angles can also help you get the drop on enemies before they realize where you are.

Remember, Fortnite isn’t as much about aim and mechanical skill. It’s about acquiring as many advantages as possible.

Playing in Squads

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Squad play is one of the best ways to get into Fortnite early on. Whether you’re playing with friends or partying up with strangers, having someone cover your back is always comforting while you’re learning the ropes.

If you happen to be playing with more experienced players, they can also teach you a whole lot about Fortnite. You can also do fun things together, such as hijack UFOs and other vehicles to wreak some havoc together.

Even better, you can exchange equipment to help each other build your perfect loadouts.

Trying Out Strategies

As a battle royale game, Fortnite is open-ended when it comes to strategies. This design allows you to play the game any way you like.

You could be stealthy by only engaging enemies who haven’t noticed you. You could also brute force your way to victory by rushing towards the action with guns blazing. It’s even possible to develop good building skills so that you can defeat enemies with sheer skill. As a newcomer to Fortnite, it’s essential to try them all out. It will teach you a lot about the game while also giving you a fun way to develop your skills.

Overall, Fortnite is as accessible or complex as you make it in your head. What’s important is finding ways to overcome what you find challenging about the game while at the same time enjoying yourself.

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