Fortnite arena mode explained

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Fortnite’s Arena Mode is the game’s de facto competitive side. If you’re looking to test your skills as a player, this is where you’ll want to spend your time.

Arena Mode basically

It uses a combination of skill-based matchmaking and a points system to match you up against people of a similar skill level to yours. The higher your overall rating is, the tougher the opponents you’ll face.

Arena Mode in Fortnite also gives you an opportunity to unlock big events such as the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. If that’s not quite of your caliber yet, there are also weekly competitive events to participate in depending on your standing.

This is in essence what Arena Mode is but there’s a bit more nuance to the system.

Leagues and Divisions

Just like with other competitive games, Fortnite Arena Mode divides players into a series of divisions and leagues.

There are 3 Leagues in total which are subdivided into Divisions. Your division depends on the number of Hype points you’ve gained as you play through Arena Mode.

screenshot of arena scoring

Here are the Leagues and Divisions as well as how many Hype points you need to reach them:

  • Open League
    • Division I: 0-249 Hype points
    • Division II: 250-499 Hype points
    • Division III: 500-999 Hype points
    • Division IV: 1000-1499 Hype points
  • Contender League
    • Division I: 1500-2499 Hype points
    • Division II: 2500-3999 Hype points
    • Division III: 4000-5999 Hype points
  • Champion League
    • Division I: 6000-11,999 Hype points
    • Division II: 12000-15999 Hype points
    • Division III: 16000+ Hype points

Bus fare

In order to play a Fortnite Arena Mode match, you need to pay a bus fare. This is the amount of Hype Points you need to pay in order to play a match.

It kicks in from Open League Division IV at 40 and goes up by 10 with 70 being the highest amount to play matches in Champion League Division III.

How to rank up

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Arena Mode in Fortnite can be played in either Singles or Duos.

In Singles, you’ll be entering matchmaking on your own whereas in Duos you can go at it with a partner. In order to rank up in the Divisions and Leagues, you need to reach their respective Hype Point thresholds.

Hype Points can be acquired in a number of ways, from how high you place in your match to how many eliminations you accomplish.

The main difference is that in Duos eliminations net you 10 points instead of 20 which is how much you earn for them in Singles.

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Health and materials

The way your health works in Arena Mode is different from casual Fortnite games.

Eliminations will grant you a healing bonus that is capped at 50% HP. If you’ve got more than 50%, then the healing bonus becomes a shield. This mechanic is called Siphon and it was implemented to encourage more aggressive and faster-paced matches.

The amount of materials you can carry is also limited to 500 of each. This, again, is also used in Fortnite Arena Mode to encourage more aggression amongst players as well as to reward players for aim rather than giving builders a distinct advantage.