Is Fortnite free?

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Since I’ve started playing Fornite in 2017 I did spend a little money along the way. But it is not needed because Fortnite is a free game.

Why is Fortnite a free game?

fornite figures illustrate article about the costs of Fortnite
The Game Fortnite is free to play

It’s decided by Epic Games their shoot-em-up game Fortnite Battle Royal is accessible for all. That means you pay no cost at all.

So if you wanna play Fortnite you could start today. You would spend no money on the game itself.

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You cannot play the game without any device of course. But that’s the thing with all online gaming. Check out all devices you can play Fortnite on.

Fortnite can be played solo, in duo, or in a squad with the maximum of 4 players.

Battle Royale is available at no costs for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS devices like the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Only for Xbox players, there will be a payment for their Xbox Live Gold membership.

Is Fornite really free?

Spend money on Fortnite if you like. Or not.

You might think Fortnite is tricking you into playing the free game. And then later finding out the game is not really that free.

  • shouldn’t you buy extra things?
  • if other players will buy extras, can you still compete with them?

You don’t have to spend money to become the best Fortnite player ever.

Of course, there’s the console and controller you’ll need to be able to play the game. And maybe a nice gaming chair. A gaming chair is good for your posture and back while gaming.

Where can I spend money on?

You can buy in-game coins, called “V bucks”. With these V bucks, you can buy additional features such as skins, dances, and pickaxes. With all these extras you can improve your character’s appearances.

With over 200 million players Epic Games is surely making money as they are a commercial company. The great thing about this game Fortnite is the fact that it is absolutely free. You might spend a few bucks over time on extras. But on the other hand, you might not. And that’s fine.

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