How do I improve my Fortnite skills

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Whether you’re a budding new player or have been more casual in the past and want to get better at Fortnite, the following 4 tips should help you get on the path toward improving your skills.

1. Learn from your mistakes

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As one of the biggest games on the planet right now, Fortnite has also one of the largest player bases. This means that you’ll encounter way more players of all skill levels than in any other game under the sun. Because the game has also been around for a few years, it’s far more likely that you’ll run into experienced players.

This makes Fortnite tough to improve in, especially considering the game doesn’t tell you much about why you lose and how to get better.

Nobody likes losing, especially in video games for some reason. No matter how much you spin your losses, you’ve got to accept one fact: you’ve likely made mistakes that led you to lose. Even in a straightforward game like Fortnite, making mistakes happen and the best way to get better is to learn from them.

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Instead of blaming the gun you picked up or the fact that your opponent was using some weird trick, think about how you approached the fight.

  • The main reason most players end up losing early on in the game is that they dive into firefights with multiple opponents.
  • If you’re doing this a lot then you can try taking the stealth route and sneaking up from behind enemies while they’re too busy fighting someone else.
  • Some players also lose because of where they’re landing. In this case, choose landing spots that won’t be crowded.

Whatever mistakes you’re making, there’s always a solution that can help you not make them repeatedly. The fewer mistakes you make, the better you’ll become at Fortnite.

2. Experiment with gear

The beauty of Fortnite is that you can switch up your weapons and gear as you go. This also means, though, that you’re not always going to get the gun you favor.

That’s why it’s important in Fortnite to get used to using as many of the weapons as you can.

When you’re still new to the game, the best approach is to just pick up what you see in front of you and experiment. Use every new weapon you encounter as an opportunity to learn how it works.

The biggest mistake lower-level players make is that they get comfortable with a specific weapon or they tend to choose specific types of guns because that’s what they play in other games. Fortnite behaves differently. As such, it’s like the rifle you keep picking up isn’t the same as the one you use in CoD.

Experiment with as many weapons as you can and see which ones feel the best.

Even if worst comes to worst, and you can’t find a weapon you like in a single game, you’ll still be ready to handle pretty much anything the game gives you in the long run.

3. Practice your fort building

There’s a reason the game is called Fortnite and it has nothing to do with calendar weeks.

The game’s main claim to fame is that you can use materials to build Forts. In the game’s PvE side, Forts are an integral part of fending off zombies. In Battle Royale, though, they serve multiple purposes.

For starters, you can instantly build walls at any time to give yourself some cover.

You can also build quick structures that allow you to gain an advantage over your opponents. This is something you’ll have to get used to doing as soon as possible if you want to get better at Fortnite. Make sure you’re always finding opportunities to gather resources and build. Once it becomes second nature, you’ll find your game will improve a lot faster.

4. Be more patient and play the game

Fortnite is a game where the more patient players are typically the ones that do better and even make it to Victory Royale.

You have to remember that Fortnite is a game of survival at its heart.

  • You don’t have to get into firefights you’re not geared for.
  • It’s not a game where the person with the most kills wins.
  • It’s the last person standing.
  • If that means letting the rest kill each other while you hang back and chill, then all the better.

What makes Fortnite fun (besides the cool dances) is that you can play any way you choose. So, why not try being more passive or sneakier? These more patient approaches will show you there are more ways to get results in Fortnite.

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